• Jason Cave

What is the American Dream 

Politicians love to talk about the American Dream. They talk about making it achievable for all Americans not just the wealthy. Bernie Sanders has claimed that it is more achievable in Venezuela than the United States, but what is the American Dream? Is it economic security, is it owning a house and setting down and raising a family, or is it something else entirely? If it's economic security how do we guarantee it? By government force? By the government stealing from the wealthy and giving it to the less fortunate? How is that the American Dream? We faught a Revolution because of a 5% tax on tea, now you want the government to take up to 70% of someone else's income. That is fundamentally unAmerican. So the white picket fence nuclear family, that is the American Dream. That is a very American image, but what if someone doesn't want this? Does that make less American? What if the American Dream isn't some tangible thing you can achieve, but rather it's a set of ideals and beliefs that this country was founded on. And those ideals are not I'm an American so I'm entitled to live a life without financial struggle(although the poorest people in the United States live far better than the majority of the rest of the world). The only thing you are promised in the United States is freedom and opportunity. The freedom make your own decisions and when opportunity comes to seize it and succeed or fail by your own marrit. Not every has the same opportunity and some have to risk more to seize their opportunity, but in America anyone of any background can succeed and no one is to big to fail. The American Dream is not here's free stuff, it's here's freedom and the rest is up to you.

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