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Unplanned Movie Review

Unplanned is the true story of Abby Johnson, the youngest clinic director in Planned Parenthood history who became one of the biggest leaders in the pro life movement after helping with an ultrasound assisted abortion. The film was released by Pure Fix the studio that made the "God's Not Dead," so they don't have a very good track record for making good movies, but how'd they do with this one? They knocked it out oftheh park. The writing of this film is unbelievable, and it doesn't hurt that it has such an amazing true story to drop from. It takes you on an emotional journey that will make angry, sad, horrified, and sick to your stomach, and believe or not you'll even laugh a few times. Then there is the actress who plays Abby, Ashley Bratcher, and she nails it. She is able to express guilt of her actions but also he belief that what she's doing is right and making a difference at the same time perfectly. If there is one week spot in this film it's the actor who played Abby's husband. His performance came across as wooden and emotionless. This movie also faced some controversy before it's released because of course it did, It's an antiabortion movie in 2019. The biggest controversy came when the film got an R rating instead of the PG-13 rating it film makers wanted. The film makers claimed that the MPAA were trying to suppress the message by making it R less people could see it. After seeing the movie I have to say the R rating very appropriate. The film shows abortion procedures which in and of themselves are very violent with lots of blood so I completely understand the R rating. In the end Unplanned is an good movie with excellent writing and an outstanding performance from it's lead.


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