• Jason Cave

Tony Romo is a Hall of Fame Quarterback

I've heard it all before, "Tony Romo is good but he can't but can't win the big one" or he's a "choke" and it's all a bunch of B.S. He had the most 4th quarter comebacks than any other quarterback in during his career and they highest 4th quarter Quarterback Rating. People also love to bring up the fact he only has only won 2 playoff games but Dan Fouts only has 3 and Warren Moon only has 1, and no one question their Hall of Fame credentials.

Playoff records is how we not an individual player on the team. And the truth is 2 of his 4 playoff losses he did exactly what he had to to win the game. The first against Seattle he drove his team into the redzone and set up a chipshot field goal to take the lead with less than two minutes left, and the fact that he fumbled the snap on the field goal doesn't change the fact that he did his job as the starting quarterback or that he should never have been holding for field goals. The second was against Green Bay where on 4th and 2 he threw a perfect pass for a touchdown that was called incomplete(Dez did catch it). People also like to bring up the 3 back to back to back 8-8 seasons. But what critics fail to realize is that without Romo on those teams the Cowboys would have been the Browns. And that's what Romo could do, he could make bad teams mediocre, mediocre teams really good, and if he was ever given a good team who knows what he could have done, but management never gave him a good team.

In his entire career he only ever had 2 running backs rush for over a thousand yards, Marion Barber in 2007 and DeMarco Murray in 2014. Then he very rarely had a true number 1 receiver. He had T.O for 3 years and that was about it. Miles Austin made a pro bowl but really overachieved and was never a number 1 receiver talent and before anyone mentions Dez Bryant just look at his numbers when Romo was out and now that he's retired Dez is basically out of the league. Yes he had a Hall of Fame tight end, but a 3rd down safety valve is not the same as a true number 1 receiver.

In reality Tony Romo kept the Cowboys relevant for ten years, despite an extreme lack of talent around him. Romo spent his prime with a subpar defense, no running game, no true number one receiver, and running for his life behind a shotty offense line, and was still able to put up phenomenal numbers and keep the Cowboys in playoff and Super Bowl contention just because he was the quarterback. Tony Romo is the definition of a Hall of Famer.


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