• Jason Cave

The Three Worst Taxes

Taxation is theft. There is no other way to put it, it's the government taking your money without consent and if you refuse armed men drag you to jail. Actually taxation is not theft it's extortion. Now before anyone out there comments, "Taxes are the price we pay for living in a civilized society," or "without taxes how are we going to pay for the roads," I understand the basic need for taxes, but I think most of us agree the government takes more than it should. Now there are way more than three bad taxes, in fact there are some far more idiotic than the ones I'm going to discuss(for an in-depth look at ways the government screws you I suggest reading "How do I Tax Thee" by Kristen Tate). But these three taxes I find to be adherently un-American and blatently violate our basic human rights.

The first tax I want to talk about is possibly the worst, and you guessed it's the income tax. America was founded on the idea of individual freedom, and each individual owns the right to his or her own labor and the fruits that labor produces(in this case a paycheck). But for some reason the government feels entitled to are portion of your paycheck, therefore owning a portion of your labor. And by owning a portion of your labor the government owns a portion of you which means we are slaves to the government. I don't know about you but I'm a pretty good student of history, but I think slavery was abolished by the 13th amendment in the 1860's. But without income tax how are we supposed to fund the government? Well income tax wasn't a think before 1913. But doesn't the government have more expenditures today? Sounds to me like the government needs to cut spending. Now I'm not delusional, I understand that the income tax isn't going anywhere, but it could at least be more fair. A flat 15% tax rate would the most fair and easy system. You wouldn't have to worry about a raise bumping you up to the next tax bracket, and if your thinking it's not fair because the rich will be paying less taxes, 15% of $1 million is $144,000 more $40,000. And if your still thinking 15% isn't enough to fund the government I just want to remind you God only asked for 10.

The next type of tax I want to talk about is property tax. Property tax is almost as un-American as the income tax. The United States was founded on the enlightenment ideas of John Locke that everyone has a right to life, liberty, and property. And property ownership has long been a staple of the American Dream. You fall in love, get married, have kids, buy a house, raise said kids, and after the kids have moved out you grow old together in the home you've built. So lets pretend you're recently married and you and your spouse decide it's time to buy a house. You've done your research and are financially stable, so you go down to the bank and get a loan. Now you spend the next 20 years paying off the mortgage never missing a payments, and you make the last payment it is finally officially yours. That is until the property tax is due and if you don't pay it  the government comes in and seizes it. Which begs the question, if you are always paying for your property do you really own it? I  argue no. Private property does not exist in the United States. You are always leasing your home, either directly from the government or from someone else who is leasing it from the government. And just like with income tax the system in place is completely absurd. If you want to make renovations or anything at all that improves the property value, your taxes go up. It's basically encouraging you to live in a shit hole. But back to the main point, as long as you are paying for your property you do not own it,  and if you can never actually own your property the American Dream is unachievable.

The last tax is the inheritance/estate tax or death tax. Like the income and property tax this tax is just the government taking money it has no right to, except now it's from the dead. The inheritance tax is worse because you have already paid taxes on it. It is double theft. Your whole life 30% of your income goes to the government, you have paid an ungodly amount every year on property tax and you have still managed to be able to leave something for your kids, but after you die before you can leave what you have worked so hard for the government comes in and takes half of it again. How is that fair? How does that make sense? In short it doesn't. Now this whole article might seem like someone who doesn't like paying taxes, which is partly true. I work hard for my money and seeing how much the government takes out every week is infuriating, but that's only part of it. Owning property and the right of your own labor is essential to American values, and the government taking your money is the first step of the government controlling you and taking away your personal freedom.       


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