• Jason Cave

The Left Does Not Want to Save the Environment, They Want to Control You

Updated: Apr 6, 2019

We have heard a lot out climate change over the last few months. How it's the biggest threat facing our country, forget about Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia, it's climate change. The fresh face of the Democratic Party(Ben Shapiro voice so fresh so face) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has even called it my generations World War II, which if true I just gotta say we got off easy. Deal with slightly warmer weather or storm the beaches of Normandy, I'd take the warmer weather any day. Now, I'm not saying climate change isn't happening or that humans aren't effecting it, but I don't believe it is the catastrophic problem the left thinks it is and I'm not willing to destroy the economy to prevent it, especially when the policies they are pushing won't actually prevent it. Now I could go through the most recent climate change resolution, The Green New Deal, and point out the stupidity of it but since it got absolutely zero votes when it was brought up in the Senate it's safe to say most Democrats know the absurdity of it. Instead I want to talk about more mainstream Democratic ideas. The first being wind and solar power will be able to replace fossil fuels as the main energy resource in the United States. This is blatantly false, not only will it cost billions if not trillions of dollars in tax payer dollars, wind and solar power are incredibly inefficient. As of 2016 the United States government invested 14.5 billion dollars into wind energy and it still only makes less than 5% energy used and for wind energy to be able to power the U.S's energy needs not including transportation we will need a wind farm the size of California. And while the Democrats continue to push for wind and solar they vilify fracking, which has made it far easier to extract natural gas a far cleaner burning fuel than coal and oil, and has drastically reduced carbon emissions in the United States. Then they completely ignore Nuclear Power which is the most efficient cleanest energy sources there is. And just this last week the great thought leader AOC tried to walk back the cow farts statement in the Green New Deal saying we need to use a different type of "cow grains" and regenerative agriculture. Now I'm going to do her a favor and ignore the "cow grains" part of her statement and just focus on the regenerative agriculture, which is an actual thing. Regenerative agriculture is a process to build up top soil so that synthetic fertilizer and herbicides are not needed while also providing bigger crop yields. The problem is regenerative agriculture is incredibly expensive and has shown mixed results at best. Meanwhile Democrats are openly opposed to Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs, which are one of the biggest agricultural inavation of the second half of the 20th and first part of the 21st century that has allowed farmers to produce larger yields using less resources and made extreme hunger in the United Sates basicly nonexistent. See a trend? The Democratic Party continues to ignore viable solutions for radical ones that have no way of working. Why? It can't be because they actually care about climate change. Just last week the BBC had a story about a company that discovered a way to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, and leftist climate scientists condemned it saying it would just prolong our reliance on fossil fuels. But if we can pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere why does it matter if use fossil fuels? Because for the left this isn't about solving the issue, it's about controlling you. Using climate change as a reason to take over the economy and your life replace it with a socialist "utopia" all the while ignoring that the free market has naturally been cutting emissions for decades and that after the United States pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords we went on to cut more emissions output than any other country including countries still signed on to the accords.






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