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It is Stupid to Compare Tom Brady to Michael Jordan

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Incase you live under a rock and missed it the Super Bowl was this week, and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots won there sixth Super Bowl. Now I'm not going to talk about the game because it was rather forgettable, but with Tom Brady winning his sixth championship all this week people have been talking about his greatness. This led to a heated debate earlier this week on ESPN's First Take between Max Kellerman and Will Cain about whether or not Tom Brady rivals Michael Jordan as the greatest athlete of all time. And because you have a brain, you're wondering why they are comparing two people who played to completely different sports. Congratulations you're smarter than the people at ESPN. First off  I don't understand why Michael Jordan is considered the greatest athlete of all time when Bo Jackson and Dion Sanders both played two professional sports a high level but that's beside the point. These are two separate sports that take completely separate skill sets. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time, but he could not play in the NFL, l et alone the quarterback position. Tom Brady is a top 3 quarterback of all time and arguably the greatest, but he could not play in the NBA. By comparing these two great players you are diminishing the hard work and specific skill set it takes to play these separate sports, while also tarnishing the legacy of two legends. So lets stop trying to compare everyone to someone else, especially when they play two different sports and it makes no sense,  instead lets just enjoy legacies for the greatness that they are. 


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