• Jason Cave

If God Is Real Why Do Bad Things Happen?

If God is real why do bad things happen? That is the question every atheist asks Christian like they're the first person to ever think of it. Like they're Atticus Finch and that's the one question that is going to stump us and get us to finally admit there is no God. But in reality theological scholars and philosophers have been having this discussion for thousands of years. Infact every Christian at some point has cried out, "God how could you let this happen," and if you haven't yet just give it time you will. So if scholars have been discussing this for thousands of years what's the answer? Well the easy answer is God is God and he knows more than you so shut the hell up and move on. The more complicated answer, although still relatively simple, is God has given us free will. Free will to make our own decisions wheather those decisions be right or wrong. For example a chronic alcoholic for 20 years dying of liver failure. He chose to drink and must live with the consequences of his choices. Then atheist will usually bring up earthquakes, hurricanes, child cancer and other tthings completely out of our control. And the answer to that question is still relatively simple, God wants us to choose him even when it's hard. If life is easy than of couse you'll believe in God, you'll have no reason not to. God wants you to question him, doubt him, suffer for him, and than still choose him. If bad things didn't happen there would be no reason not to choose God, and if there is no reason not to choose God than it's not a choice. Israel means "to struggle with God" to struggle with not knowing or understanding why He does something but still choosing to follow Him.

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