• Jason Cave

I Don't Know Who is More Annoying, Never Trumpers or Always Trumpers

If you're a conservative today, or really anybody right of center, you fall into one of three categories, Never Trumpers, Always Trumpers, or Sometimes Trumpers. The Never Trumpers are the Republican who no matter what Trump does or how good his policy is they're going to criticize it because Trump did it and anything Trump does is bad. The Always Trumpers are the exact opposite, anything Trump says or does no matter how bad it is are going to praise him and call it great because Donald Trump is the greatest president ever and everything he does turns to gold. Then they're the Sometimes Trumpers, or the people with a brain, who like and praise the things Trump does good, and call out and condemn the things he doesn't. So who is worse, the Never Trumpers or the Always Trumpers.

Now I'm gonna be honest in the 2016 primary and general election I was a Never Trumper. I felt between his character flaws and the things he said that we're inherently unconservative I couldn't vote for him, but that all changed after he was elected. After he was elected it didn't matter if you supported Trump or not he was president so you had to look each policy, peace of legislation or thing he said individually and judge that accordingly. And guess what, he has been incredibly conservative on policy, but because of there dislike for the man he Never Trump conservative commentators cannot give him praise even after he cuts taxes for 80% of Americans and has a unbelievablely good economy.

Now we get to the Always Trumpers. These are the people who love all his tweets and praise every policy implemented even if is fundamentally unconservative or blatantly anit-constitution. They praise his tax cuts, but also praise his tariffs that cause the price to go up on consumer goods. They condemn Obama for bypassing Coness and using executive orders to give amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants, but turn around and praise Trump for doing the same thing to get funding for the wall. Always Trumpers are also the people who always talk about how Trump has kept everyone of his campaign promises, but fail to mention how we still have Obamacare and no wall.

In my opinion the Sometimes Trumpers are the only people who have an objective stance on President Trump. And I'm not trying to bash the President, as of right now I'm planning on voting for him in 2020. And if you follow me on Facebook you can see I'm very fair with President Trump playing the Ben Shapiro coined game Good Trump/Bad Trump and calling balls and strikes as I see them. And I have been in a situation where I'm defending the President for something he did that i believe is bad, but the left instead of just saying it's bad claim people will die or he's a Russian Spy. With the ridiculous and blatan lies the left tells about on Trump I understand the urge constantly defend but we have to be willing to criticize him when he does wrong and likewise praise him we he does well. We can't expect the left to be intellectually honest but should be able to hold ourselves accountabl.


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