• Jason Cave

How Endgame Ruined Thor

Avengers Endgame came out this weekend and it's tearing up theboxb office. My thoughts on it, it's okay. It is a very enjoyable movie and probably a top 10 MCU film, but compared to Infinity War it's kind of a disappointment. Warning there will be spoilers for Endgame ahead so if you haven't seen it yet stop reading or keep reading I don't really care, but you have been warned.

There are several small things that bugged me about Endgame that I could have gotten over, caugh caugh Captain Marvel, but the biggest atrocity is what they did to Thor. If you haven't seen it yet they turn Thor into a fat useless piece of shit and completely undermine the character growth he has gone through from his very first movie, and specifically his growth from Ragnorak through Infinity War in which he has been the best character.

To remind you of Thor's character he went from an from an arrogant unworthy warrior who desperately wanted to be king, to an righteous worthy leader who chose not to be king because of the he would have to make tough decision that would violate his morals and he was unwilling to do so, to finally in Ragnorak realizing he is the only one worthy and capable enough to save and rule his people. And Endgame completely shits on it by then turning him into a fat drunk slob.

Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't laugh when I first saw him because I did and it was funny, but a cheap laugh is not worth undoing a decade of character development. And I understand why the decided to do that, Chris Hemsworth is a great comedic actor and the funnier version of Thor we saw in Ragnorak was everyone's favorite version, but you can have a lighter, funnier version of a character without destroying the identity of the character. Ragnorak did it perfectly. But instead of making Thor funny and interesting they decided to make the character himself a joke.

Then at the end of the movie having him give up his throne to go off with the Gardians of the Galaxy takes what little is left of the character and takes him out back and shoots him. I believe adding Chris Hemsworth and the Ragnorak version of Thor to Gardians 3 will be awesome but having Thor tell Valkyrie she should rule and he is not worthy goes against everything the last 6 movies I've seen with Thor have told me. If you want to have Thor leave Valkyrie in charge while he goes out and refinds himself, it would have been very rich white kid backpacking across Europe, I would have been fine with it, but instead they decided to have him abandon his responsibilities which is something the Thor we have seen through our the MCU would never do.

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