• Jason Cave

Donald Trump is not a conservative, but neither was any other Republican president

Donald Trump is not a conservative. That's what a lot of never Trumpers say when criticizing the president, and it's true you just have to look athisi 2016 campaign to see thay. He talked about how the rich should pay a higher tax percentage and had no intention of cutting social spending. The best way to describe Donald Trump, and I think he would agree, is as a right leaning populist. That being said he has governed far more conservative than anyone actually thought he would, in fact no one has governed more conservative than him in the last 100 years and is the most conservative since Reagan. Now Reagan and even W. Bush were probably more ideologically conservative than Trump, but his administration has governed far more conservative than Bush and on par with Reagan. My biggest complaint with Donald Trump is the same complaint I have with everyother Republican president in recent memory, they refuse to cut spending. You know the second most basic conservative principle next to lowering taxes, no Republican has done it since Calvin Coolidge. Why? Because the Republican party is not really conservative. It's not just Trump. Every Republican presidency is always the same, heres a tax cut now were going to continue spending like crazy. But we are 22 trillion dollars in debt sooner or later we're going to have to pay that off. And tax cuts are nice but until you get spending gets under control it won't really matter because inflation will keep rising causing the money your keeping to be worth less. This article is not a referendum on President Trump but on the entire Republican Party as a whole, we vote for you because you're supposedly the party of fiscal responsibility start acting like it.


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