• Jason Cave

Cops aren't Good or Bad, Cops are People 

It seems like everytime there is a police brutality or shooting incident involving an Aferican American everyone on both sides of the aisle takes their very predictable stands. Democrats accuse the officer of being an evil racist and use the incident to accuse all police officers of being racist, while Republicans claim the officer was just doing his job and that all police officers are good people who just wants to see his family again. Insted of looking at each looking at each individually to determine what actually happened.

How did we get this way? Short answer identity politics. The Left want to paint everyone into a victim hierarchy the less responsible you are for your actions. That is how Michael Brown became an sweet inacent kid and not a grown man who robbed a convenient store and assaulted a police officer. People being reactionary by nature, Republicans seeing police officers defending themselves in justified shootings, many people began defending police officers in every incident regardless of the facts.

The best way to avoid jumping to conclusion is by not making a judgment until all the facts are in, and don't watch the 3 minute video taken by some spectator who didn't start filming until the things started getting out of hand as the whole story. This is why I am in favor of all police officers to wear a body cam so if something does happen the whole thing is on tape not just the last 3 minutes.

Hypothetically speaking, let's say a police officer was involved in some sort of incident, being police brutality or shooting, with an African American and the evidence shows that he was in the wrong, obviously he's a racist right? Not necessarily, calling someone racist is a strong accusation and should not be thrown around lightly. Maybe the officer made a mistake. They are just people after all. That is not an excuse or a defense and should not stop the officer from being punish, fired or even prosecuted, but it is easy to forget that these are people with high stress jobs. The officer also might just be an asshole. Maybe he/she has a long history of treating everyone poorly and abusing his authority regardless of race or sex or any thing like that. And even if the officer is racist that is not evidence of systemic racism in the police force, some people are bad, and some bad people become cop and do bad things, and we should judge the individual on those bad things not the entire institution.


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