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Captain Marvel Review

After months of controversy, political pandering, and fan outrage it is finally here, Captain Marvel hit theaters. Despite all the politics and outrage surrounding the build up to the release all most people really want to know, is it good? If I'm being honest, I was not looking forward to this film and that has nothing to do with the politics surrounding it, although I'd be lying if I said wasn't worried about it being feminist propaganda, but because the trailers made the movie look incredibly boring. To my surprise the movie was not boring at all, in fact it was pretty entertaining. It is by no means the best Marvel movie and probably doesn't even crack my top ten but it has everything you come to expect from Marvel with a good mix of action and humor. And as for my fears about this film being political propaganda, the political under tones are almost nonexistent, especially compared to last years Black Panther. In the end Captain Marvel is a perfectly passible Marvel movie and if you're a fan of the MCU, or comic book movies in general, this film has plenty for you to enjoy.

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