• Jason Cave

Being Pro-Choice is NOT a Libertarian Concept

With many states passing laws that restrict abortion to when a heartbeat is detected and Alabama passing an outright ban, abortion has been a topic in the news for the last couple weeks. And the two major political ideologies(conservative and liberal) are doing exactly what you'd expect, with conservatives being pro-life and liberals pro-choice. While people in the libertarian movement are split on this issue with half being pro-choice and half being pro-life. Now I have much more respect for libertarian pro-choicers than I do liberals because they are at least consistent with their views. Don't miss understand me they are still wrong, but when they say my body my choice they believe that across the board not just on abortion like liberals do. They believe you should be able to poison it with drugs or sell yourself sexually to another person, it's your body your choice. They also expand choice not just from body autonomy but also to how you wish to defend yourself, wheather that is with a gun or not, and also where you educate your children by backing school choice. I agree with all of those things with most of the libertarian ideology coming from the nonaggression principle, which basically says you have the right to do anything you want as long as it does not violate someone else's rights. So the my body my choice is very much in line with libertarian philosophy on most things. The problem is when it comes to abortion it is not your body, it's something new and unique. It's a human baby. And wheather you want to call it a fetus, embryo, or unborn baby one thing science is clear on it is a human life and therefore has human rights. Because it has basic human rights by killing unborn you are clearly violating their right to life which is in blatant violation of libertarianism and the nonaggression principle.


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