• Jason Cave

Abortion is Either Murder or Laws to Prohibit it are Oppressive 

I know everyone is sick of hearing about abortion, but the truth is it is the most important issue of the day. So when people say, " I don't really care about abortion," or "I would never do it but it's none of my business of someone else does," I really don't understand it. There is no middle ground when it comes to abortion, it is either the murder of a life and should be prohibited, or it's not and laws trying to prohibit it are oppressive, and standing on the fence unwilling to take a stand in either direction is an act of cowardice. The "I would never get one but," stance is more than just cowardice it is also hypocritical, because that person obviously knows it is a life, why else would she say she wouldn't get one personally, but refuses to take a stand on the issue. I firmly believe that science clearly shows that human life begins at conception, but I have more respect for the radical abortion activists than I do for the, "I personally wouldn't do it but," people because they at least have the courage of the convictions to take a stand.


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